Safety checks and non-destructive testing

Your safety travels
thanks to our testing

Sateco is made from instruments and people
who care about people’s safety

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Since 1983, Sateco takes care of people’s safety and guarantees it through non-destructive and magneto-inductive testing on any kind of cableway installation. Born in the heart of Turin, Italy, Sateco works worldwide, from mountains near home to far deserts, certifying the good operation of mountain lift systems and special units.

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Fast and agile teams, who know where to put their hands and to verify the health status of a rope or a pin, without any need to disassemble it. Customer service delivering certificates and technical documents in a fast and precise way.

Years of activity

37 years of know-how, people and technology working together for the safety of people and installations.

Historical customers

which entrusted Sateco to perform testing and certifications with non-destructive and magneto-inductive methods since 1985.

Countries where we worked

and 4 continents, where we worked until now. We want to go even farther

Tested ropes

the equivalent of 100,000 km of safety.

Tested vices

for systems with automatic coupling tested.

Tested installation

which received our certification to guarantee the safe flow of people and goods over years

Sateco is the result of thirty years of missions, testing, analyses, certifications.

A result obtained thanks to a close team work, leaded by a far-sighted vision of growth and evolution.
An evolution with strong roots into technical skills and into research and development.
A development moving from the attentive analysis of installations, year after year.
From the heart of Turin, in all locations around the world, Sateco certifies safety.

Sateco specializes in non-destructive testing on mountain lift systems for people and goods transport and special units, through specific technologies and always up-to-date skills.

Magneto-inductive technique (MIT)

The Magneto-Inductive Technique (MIT) for testing metal wire ropes is a non-destructive testing method which can be applied to most operating wire ropes, both in public and private transportation systems, and in yard and industrial plants.


Penetrant Testing

Non-destructive checks with penetrating fluids can be carried on any kind of non-porous material. It is carried out by letting a red liquid substance at low tension penetrate by capillarity into surface discontinuities of the material to be tested.


Il metodo magnetoscopico MT è una tipologia di controllo non distruttivo applicabile a tutti i materiali ferromagnetici. La magnetoscopia si basa sull’analisi delle variazioni di campo magnetico che avvengono in presenza di difetti superficiali o sub superficiali.

Ultrasonic testing

The ultrasonic testing (UT) is based on the propagation of elastic waves through the object to be examined and on monitoring of transmitted signal (Transmission technique) or of reflected signal from any surface or discontinuity (Reflection technique).

Visual testing

The visual testing (VT) is a non-destructive testing method which can be performed to the naked eye or with the help of lens or endoscopes. The visual testing needs a good experience in the field and allows to find the areas to be inspected by other testing methods.

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