Every single part is important, also a pin


Ping Testing

For testing operating pins of lift systems, we tested and checked an ultrasound instrument, the Phased Array (PA). A novel technology which allows checking of roller pins, without any need to disassemble it.

Ping Testing | Sateco

Rollers and pins under strict control

We well know that dismantling installations means major costs for the operator, both for organization reasons and on the human resources side. For that reason, we refined the Phased Array (PA) method, to assess the wear of operating pins and schedule the sequence for disassembly, for example by starting from rollers with most worn out pins.

Millimetric precision

The Phased Array (PA) technique allows for detection of the pins’ wear in the order of a tenth of millimetre. A much more effective result than the one obtained by conventional ultrasound volumetric testing with monocrystalline probe. Not satisfied by the obtained results, we are still working to overcome limits related to the item geometry.

Ping Testing | Sateco

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