Sateco, a young company with a long history


Our History

Sateco has recently passed his thirties, but its history goes through two centuries, from the end of previous one until now. Four are the growing phases through which it evolved and established. Beginning from the first steps, in a simple world, to the expansion towards foreign markets, made of complexity, rules and scenarios quite different from those of first years. The sole constant: our ability to timely answer to our customers’ questions, even to anticipate them.

Sateco is born on 1983, just after the privatization of the field for testing and certification of mountain lift and wire rope systems. Until the beginning of the 1980s, the inspections could be performed only by public authorities, such as Polytechnic institutes. The first Sateco members come from this scientific environment. Founded by Fulvio Rossi and Giancarlo Berruti, Sateco lays sound foundations since the beginning: precise callouts, knowledge of the territory, timely production of certifications: three features that lead to a rapid strengthening of the company. The first phase of Sateco history is in a simple world: on the one hand there were the ropes in installations to be tested, and on the other hand, skills, and tools to test and certify them.

A simple world


The strengthening


This first phase is immediately followed by the second one, of achievement and appreciation. Turin, where Sateco is based, is a city located near many important ski slopes, both in Piedmont and Aosta Valley. In a few years, Sateco is asked to perform testing on most popular mountain lift systems in both Regions, thus becoming a point of reference for non-destructive and magneto-inductive testing of the whole area. Beginning from 1985, non-destructive testing is introduced on mountain lift systems, on mechanical components other than on wire ropes. To take charge of all these installations, carrying thousands of people each season, Sateco develops another distinctive skill: the flexibility of its working teams, which rapidly intervene, easily move from one site to another, while technicians develop soft skills.

At the end of the 1990s, Alessandro Rossi, who already supported his father in the strengthening phase, becomes Sateco’s owner and understands that he needs to invest to keep the company growing. In these years, the research and development process that Sateco continues to follow today begins. In this third phase, new development goals begin to delineate, between technological research and opening to new markets. Sateco tests and manufactures new instruments to perform non-destructive testing.

The investments


The new markets


The new millennium pushes Sateco towards foreign markets. Testing expands towards different rope installations, not only lift systems. The first jobs are still done in Europe: from Switzerland to Turkey, passing through France, Spain, Portugal, Greece. Working teams begin specializing on testing on industrial plants, and we lose count of the kilometres spanning Turin headquarters from the rest of the world: Brazil, Ethiopia, Malaysia. At now, more than 3,000 installations have been tested, 40,000 wire ropes have been checked on-site without disassembling them, and more than 35,000 vices for installations with automatic coupling have been tested.

Between new challenges and memorabilia

In a fluid world, where paradigms quickly change, Sateco feels comfortable. The skills acquired in more than thirty years of activity, and the timeliness of our answers to requests coming from many countries, are the background which comes with us at each new mission, from the nearest to the farthest. In the heart of Sateco a history remains deeply rooted in the territory and bounded to mountain traditions. These roots have given rise over the years to a well-kept collection of memorabilia, which we jealously guard in our offices. A little secret which is unveiled outside by a video recorded in our new premises, where each environment hosts an old-time scenario, among technical items and small goodies from ski stations. In this video our spirit is enclosed: the precision of the collection, the satisfaction to live the territory, the valorisation of a past without which the present would have not been possible. The pleasure of working in team in a comfortable environment, to return to every time we leave to go around the world.

Step into Sateco offices

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