Our Team

Sateco is the result of thirty years of missions, testing, analyses, certifications. A result obtained thanks to a close team work, leaded by a far-sighted vision of growth and evolution. An evolution with strong roots into technical skills and into research and development. A development moving from the attentive analysis of installations, year after year. From the heart of Turin, in all locations around the world, Sateco certifies safety.

A bridge between the past and the future

At Sateco, we work in tune with the past. Our desks are surrounded by plates, cranks, ropes sections and brightened by postcards, posters of ski stations, menus from high altitude refuges. We like to keep alive the memory of times that today seem pioneer ones, made of mechanics and people, before technology. We have the same attention both for the past, where we sink our roots, and the future, the one we choose every day.

An environment we belong to

We love looking with care for objects living in our spaces, and above all we like looking for people working with us. To tell the truth, it is a selection we seldom do, because people joining Sateco remain here for a long time, so we do not change employees, we add them. People working in Sateco feel they strictly belong to Sateco’s history, environment and working mood. When we spend many hours away, from the break of dawn until well after sunset, we walk with the same pace, united and supported by a common spirit: doing our work with care.

The same attention inside and outside

Caring about our team is good for people who make it up, because we live our days in a safe and quiet way, and is good for our customers, who know they can account on technicians who year after year know installations like their own home and take care of them with dedication. Being a team means working with tenacity to improve both method and instruments. During years we refined them based on our know-how on installations.

Responsibility and autonomy

When we started to travel farther than our valleys, our team united even more. It is hard to work out of office for weeks, maybe in unusual climates. Being a close group helps a lot in adapting to these new scenarios. And flexibility is another strength and distinction point of Sateco team. Even if the team is composed by some technical specialisations, we can compose it in a fluid way depending on the single working day. If some technicians are already committed on an installation, other technicians are available for testing in another site. Once back in office, we speak about work performed outdoor, we analyse it and we find the solutions. That way certifications are reviewed and checked by the whole team, until the final signature before the issue.

Sateco | Our team

A team in the team

The outdoor work of the team could not exist if indoor we would not have a safe base, coping for the schedule of all missions, the request and check of permissions, documents and any bureaucratic stuff supporting our travels. All is catalogued with maniacal order, to answer at any time to the requests for manuals and certificates for our customers. A team in the team, with a red kitchen of the Fifties in the very heart of Sateco premises as a meeting place.

How we love to work

During years we encouraged participation and involvement of all employees to Sateco’s team. Our employees are permanent and not seasonal ones, to assure continuity and expertise to the work we do for our customers. Sateco chose to create and keep value both for people working in it and people it secures through its testing. We decided to work that way and we love to go on doing so.

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