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Ropes Testing

We use many instruments to perform safety testing on installations. Some of them are commercially available, others have been created and tested by our know-how. In 37 years of activities, observations, practice, we felt the exigence of self-thought and self-made equipment. That way, we can fully answer to verification requests by our customers. In last years we developed new detectors, which we bring on installations to perform detections, and a software with which we acquire and digitally process all collected information. During months preceding the beginning of the inspections, we are devoted to fine-tuning this equipment and from time to time we add some improvements.

Pink and Lime detectors

Ropes testing Pink and Lime detectors

Open instruments, through which we slide track ropes or special units’ ropes, connected to a digital system for abnormalities detection. Despite their volume and weight, we have made them portable into wooden boxes, so we always are reliable and neat. The detectors have been tested according to UNI EN 17927/8 standard and licensed by relevant authorities.

Digital recording

A software which processes and highlights abnormalities in the ropes, derived from data collection on 100,000 km of ropes, from the beginning of the activity until now. A tested and certified instrument which allows to certify ropes in use or underline the required repairs on damaged parts.

Digital recording | Sateco

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