Lifting equipment too is safe


Additional Investigations

Lifting equipment operating from more than 20 years needs additional structural checks, according to the Italian Ministry Decree 11.04.2011.
Sateco provides companies utilizing lifting equipment with thorough investigations to detect faults, defects or abnormalities and performs calculations for the residual life cycle.

Additional Investigations | Sateco

Equipment requiring additional investigations is:

  • mobile cranes
  • platform, tower, jib, and gantry cranes
  • telescopic lifters
  • aerial elevating platforms
  • extensible floaters
  • skyhooks with fixed and movable extensible arm
  • aerial ladders with variable slope
  • suspended motor scaffolding
  • column self-elevators
  • service lifts for construction sites
  • agricultural machines for collecting fruits
  • mobile lifting devices
  • transferable lifting devices
  • fixed lifting devices

Additional checks according to ISO 9927-1:

According to ISO 9927-1 standard, additional checks and structural verifications require:

  • previous assessment of machine class;
  • detection of machine use during its life cycle;
  • visual testing;
  • instrumental verifications and non-destructive testing (NDT);
  • a final report about inspection and investigations (to be signed by a specialised engineer). The report is completed by a magnetic particle inspection certificate made by a UNI EN 473/ISO 9712-certified technician. It details any abnormalities and the residual life of the equipment.

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